DIY make-up for every occasion

Wedding Make-up

Image Credit: Daily Makeover

These days many women choose to do their own make-up for their weddings but for some it can be quite a daunting task. It’s all about knowing the tricks of the trade and using the right products and tools. Just like you need different tools in the kitchen or when building. You need to learn what works best for you and what doesn’t work as well. Just because you like something does not mean it suits you or that the product will work for your skin type. Try some products and soon you’ll find that different products just “feel” right on your skin. Anyone can do it so stop telling yourself “I’ll never be able to do my make-up as well as she does”. Everyone starts somewhere.

Natural Make-up

See Jennifer Cederstam’s blog for the above look.

Some Natural looks that are fresh and will look great on anyone!

Carlie Bybel has some of the best make-up tutorials on the web so have a look through her videos and give them a go. If you can’t find the products she uses then buy something similar.

Some ladies to follow even if you think you know everything about doing make-up!

Casey HolmesCasey Holmes


Lauren CurtisLauren Curtis

Don’t see it as painting your face but rather as enhancing your natural beauty and if you don’t have it…. well the good news is you can fake it! Every woman should feel beautiful when she walks out of the door. On days such as your wedding you might need a little extra help.

Some smokey eye make-up.

Smokey Eye Make-upMove lifestyle – see more looks on their blog.

Practice truly does make a huge difference so try out a few techniques a number of times before the big day/event! So practice, practice, practice until you are confident.

Remember to have fun when doing it… don’t let frustration set in if you don’t come right the first time. Don’t look to photoshoped magazine spreads for inspiration….no one can do their make-up that flawless. Trust me I’ve done a lot of editing in my life. Rather get inspired by the ladies on youtube and watch how they do things step for step.




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