Superpower – Our Ability To Inspire

Inspirational Quotes_ HopeI’m a huge Marvel and DC comic book fan. I love fantasy films that draw us into their world for a brief moment of time. It’s a way to escape the harsh realities of this world. Most people would love to possess superpowers, the thing is we underestimate are our abilities as humans. We think that because we are not written into a Marvel comic that we are somehow bound by our simple lives. We all have the ability to do something great and inspire others to do the same. Have you every thought that a kind word could save a life or a smile could change someone’s attitude.

The mind is the greatest gift we have been given and we too often hesitate to use it in the right way. We act on impulses and needs rather than positive inspiring thoughts. We too often believe the negative things peopleĀ  tell us and find ourselves doing the same to others. You never truly know what others are going through unless you can read minds and lets face it none of us have that ability.

Try inspiring or encouraging someone by simply leaving an inspiring quote on their desk or any other anonymous way. Doing something for someone else anonymously can be the greatest feeling you’ll experience (your power of invisibility at work). No thank you or gratitude needed in order for you to feel like you have truly encouraged another individual.

Future quoteTry altering another person’s future instead of just your own.

Fears quote

to livenever go wronglife-chapters-quotes-sayings-bad-end-motivational_large

never regret


Quote_be yourself




Best Idea quoteI hope you choose to inspire someone this week and remember that a kind word can make a huge difference in a person’s life. Heartache is a universal issue, so remember that others too suffer in silence so use your words wisely.




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