Pretty Kitchen Aprons by Toast

Ladies custom white kitchen apronI love pretty things and being creative means that my mind is constantly looking for new ideas and different ways to display these ideas. I love designing stationery and all things pretty but I also love to bake among other things.

Ladies Custom Apron_Whisk

So often I have gone looking for a “cute” apron and I have never found one I truly loved.  So grew the idea of making a range that anyone around the world could buy as a gift for someone or just for themselves to wear while cooking or baking. Pretty things inspire us and inspired people change the world… or bake awesome cakes…. almost the same thing 😉 So choose one….buy it, buy one for a friend/loved one and happy baking/cooking. We will add to the range often so please see our Etsy Store, Facebook page or Twitter for updates.

USE THE COUPON CODE: PRETTYAPRONS123 for a 15% discount on your aprons. Available until the 9th of June 2014.

If you require a custom designed apron please contact us at

I bake_Superpower_Black Apron

Cooking is love made visible_Black Apron

Custom Ladies Apron_Positive Thoughts

Home is where the cake is

White Ladies Apron_Bake

Please see our Etsy store for the full range. USE THE COUPON CODE: PRETTYAPRONS123 for a 15% discount on your aprons. Available until the 9th of June 2014.

Happy Baking!




The Face of Fashion- Coco Rocha

coco rocha modelingImage Credit: Pretty Npoppington

Ask anyone in the fashion industry who is the best at striking a pose and it’s most likely that you‘ll hear the name Coco Rocha.  At just 25 Coco Rocha has achieved more than most models have done in their whole career. Coco has graced the covers of numerous international magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Brides USA and dozens more.


Vogue Mexico_Coco Rocha





She is famous for being able to strike dozens of poses in just a minute. In her photo shoot for Target Coco did 19 jump poses in just 30 seconds. Pretty impressive!

You can see here how effortless it is for Coco to pose…. she is a true natural in front of the camera.

Elle Brazil_Coco Rocah

Coco Rocha is one model moms don’t have to worry about their daughters looking up to and aspiring to be like her. Coco Rocha has had a strict “no nudity” approach to modeling. Elle Brazil photoshopped out Coco’s underwear on their May 2012 cover shoot, this is what Coco had to say in response to the magazine cover. “As a high fashion model I have long had a policy of no nudity or partial nudity in my photoshoots. For my recent Elle Brazil cover shoot I wore a body suit under a sheer dress, but recently discovered that the body suit was Photoshopped out to give the impression that I am showing much more skin than I actually was or am comfortable with. This was specifically against my expressed verbal and written direction. I’m extremely disappointed that my wishes and contract were ignored. I strongly believe every model has a right to set rules for how she is portrayed and for me these rules were clearly circumvented.”

Modeling_Coco rochaImage Credit: Million Looks

coco-rocha_5Image Credit:  Noir Facade

Coco RochaImage Credit: Lifeaficionada

Coco rocha_11Image Credit: Pinterest

coco-rocha_1Image Credit: Glamour

Coco is well known for her guest appearances on America’s Next Top Model and was one of the judges on The Face season 1, unfortunately Coco did not return for season 2.


Coco_America's Next Top ModelImage Credits: Modelinia

If you watch the Face and listen to Coco in interviews you get a good sense of how well grounded Coco is. Fame and fortune have not changed her character and her strict moral code has only advanced her career and gained her respect in the industry. Coco’s easy going personality makes her one in a million in an industry that is known to be cut throat and superficial.  Coco has also spoken out about the fashion/modeling industry and the eating disorders girls follow due to the unhealthy outlook the industry portrays. You can read more about Coco on her blog at Or follow her on twitter at

coco-rocha_9Image Credit: The Front Row View

coco-rocha_4Image Credit:  Million Looks

Coco Rocha_2Image Credit: The best fashion blog

Coco Rocha_6

Coco Rocha_10Image Credit: Model Couture



Office Plant Ideas – Succulents

DIY Office Plants Succulents_old tinsSome offices can seem a bit dull and often the office is the last place people find inspiration. However adding a bit of life to your office can make a big difference in how you view the space. It important to feel inspired and motivated at your desk not just for your job but for yourself as well. Since you can’t take your pet to the office a plant is the next best thing. Succulents are easy to take care of and they come in a variety of colours and shapes. They often give the look and fell of flowers just with an extended life and far less maintenance.

Succulent-PlantsImage credit: Hunter and Hare

My favourite idea is using an old teacup as a vase. It’s inexpensive, fresh, creative and adds an extra splash of colour to your desk.

Succulentin tea cup_Office plant ideasImage Credit: thanks i made it blog

Or some old vases work just as well!

Vase Succulents_Office Plant IdeasImage Credit:

Office Plante Ideas_Succulents_1Office Plante Ideas_Succulents_2Image credits: Trashy Crafter

Succulents in glass bowlImage credit: The Cottage Market

This is a really great idea if you have a home office and you don’t want the kids getting their hands on your garden or the pets messing it up.

You can find these glass bowls at most home or garden stores. It’s a great way to add a lot of detail in a small space. The great thing is you can change it as often as you like by simple adding or changing the shells or stones. To keep it alive… simply spray it with a little water.

Office Plant Ideas_2jpgImage credit: Architect Lines

If you favour the more “industrial look” then this one is great. If you lack desk space then the wall garden is the way to go.

DIY office gardenDIY home office gardenImage credits: Merry Brides

This is one of the cutest DIY wall gardens I have seen. Have a look at the tutorial on the Merry Brides blog. No desk space needed and little maintenance required.

Happy office gardening!



DIY make-up for every occasion

Wedding Make-up

Image Credit: Daily Makeover

These days many women choose to do their own make-up for their weddings but for some it can be quite a daunting task. It’s all about knowing the tricks of the trade and using the right products and tools. Just like you need different tools in the kitchen or when building. You need to learn what works best for you and what doesn’t work as well. Just because you like something does not mean it suits you or that the product will work for your skin type. Try some products and soon you’ll find that different products just “feel” right on your skin. Anyone can do it so stop telling yourself “I’ll never be able to do my make-up as well as she does”. Everyone starts somewhere.

Natural Make-up

See Jennifer Cederstam’s blog for the above look.

Some Natural looks that are fresh and will look great on anyone!

Carlie Bybel has some of the best make-up tutorials on the web so have a look through her videos and give them a go. If you can’t find the products she uses then buy something similar.

Some ladies to follow even if you think you know everything about doing make-up!

Casey HolmesCasey Holmes


Lauren CurtisLauren Curtis

Don’t see it as painting your face but rather as enhancing your natural beauty and if you don’t have it…. well the good news is you can fake it! Every woman should feel beautiful when she walks out of the door. On days such as your wedding you might need a little extra help.

Some smokey eye make-up.

Smokey Eye Make-upMove lifestyle – see more looks on their blog.

Practice truly does make a huge difference so try out a few techniques a number of times before the big day/event! So practice, practice, practice until you are confident.

Remember to have fun when doing it… don’t let frustration set in if you don’t come right the first time. Don’t look to photoshoped magazine spreads for inspiration….no one can do their make-up that flawless. Trust me I’ve done a lot of editing in my life. Rather get inspired by the ladies on youtube and watch how they do things step for step.



Free Inspirational Poster

Free download_quote designFree A4 size download.

Everyone should have inspiring quotes around them. Have them in frames on your desk at the office or at home. Stick them on your wall or keep them in your journal. The more you have the better!

To download simply click on the image then click on the original image size above the image and “save image as”. This image is free for personal use only. It was designed with love by Toast so I hope it inspires you to look into your heart and find the BEAUTY that you have. Even when times are tough and things seem dark try find the beauty in every situation. Tough times refines us, they allow us to refocus and re-evaluate life. Sometime we need to go through dark times in order to see the light… so awaken that heart of yours!

This also makes a cute gift so download it, print it out and frame it for a friend or someone special 🙂



Superpower – Our Ability To Inspire

Inspirational Quotes_ HopeI’m a huge Marvel and DC comic book fan. I love fantasy films that draw us into their world for a brief moment of time. It’s a way to escape the harsh realities of this world. Most people would love to possess superpowers, the thing is we underestimate are our abilities as humans. We think that because we are not written into a Marvel comic that we are somehow bound by our simple lives. We all have the ability to do something great and inspire others to do the same. Have you every thought that a kind word could save a life or a smile could change someone’s attitude.

The mind is the greatest gift we have been given and we too often hesitate to use it in the right way. We act on impulses and needs rather than positive inspiring thoughts. We too often believe the negative things people  tell us and find ourselves doing the same to others. You never truly know what others are going through unless you can read minds and lets face it none of us have that ability.

Try inspiring or encouraging someone by simply leaving an inspiring quote on their desk or any other anonymous way. Doing something for someone else anonymously can be the greatest feeling you’ll experience (your power of invisibility at work). No thank you or gratitude needed in order for you to feel like you have truly encouraged another individual.

Future quoteTry altering another person’s future instead of just your own.

Fears quote

to livenever go wronglife-chapters-quotes-sayings-bad-end-motivational_large

never regret


Quote_be yourself




Best Idea quoteI hope you choose to inspire someone this week and remember that a kind word can make a huge difference in a person’s life. Heartache is a universal issue, so remember that others too suffer in silence so use your words wisely.



Nature Photography at its BEST

Some truly amazing nature photography shots! These days everyone with a camera considers themselves a photographer….. but these photographers have the real talent and deserve every bit of praise they get.

Nature_Photography_FallImage Credit: National Geographic

It is hard to believe this is real and not CGI. One of the most beautiful photos I have seen. It reminds me of the remake of Snow White.

welcome_cooler_naturephotographyImage credit: Steve Langton

Nature_Photography_penguinsImage Credit: Neal Piper

squirrel-snow-storm_Nature_photgraphyImage Credit: National Geographic

grizzly-bear-cubs_Nature_PhotographyImage Credit: National Geographic

Nature_Photography_monkeyImage Credit: imgfave

Nature_Photography_FrogImage Credit: National Geographic

Nature_photography_birdImage Credit: Bjorn Olesen

Nature_Photography_antsImage Credit: Eko Adiyanto

Nature_photography_nightskiesImage Credit: David Morrow

Nature_Photography_LifeImage Credit: Sean Slevin



Wedding Dress Styles – The Lookbook

Free People_Wedding dress_lookbookImage Credit: Kiana McCourt

I’ve looked at thousands of wedding dresses in my life and working in the wedding industry just adds to that total! Pretty things inspire us and a beautiful wedding dress is no exception. Whether you’re young, old, married, single or divorced, a wedding dress is like being swept into a fantasy world where you can bask in the warm sunlight, shoes are for free and cupcakes have no calories!

It’s just one of those items that makes us women feel like a lady and a young girl at the same time.

Wedding magazines these days have pages and pages of wedding dresses… some should just have “the wedding dress issue” on them each month because that’s basically all they have in them. As much as I love having a glossy magazine in my hand, the internet has some amazing dresses. A site you probably never thought of looking for a dress or dress inspiration is Lookbook. I found these beautiful dresses that I thought I’d share. I love the first image by Kiana McCourt, it’s a unique dress and Kiana McCourt has styled the whole look/shoot so elegantly.

Its Black _Its White_Wedding dress_LookbookImage Credit: Frankie Hearts Fashion

A thousand years_Wedding dress_LookbookImage Credit: Natalie K

This is Natalie’s actually wedding dress that she is modeling. Stunning! I LOVE the lace effect.

You sparkle_Wedding dress_LookbookImage Credit: Senoel S

Loveless_Wedding dress_LookbookImage Credit: Mary Misantropic

Flower Bomb_Wedding dress_LookbookImage Credit: Carolina Benoit

I love the idea of adding another colour to one’s wedding dress.

Wedding bellsWedding dress_LookbookImage Credit: Kara Keller

Fairytales_Wedding dress_LookbookImage Credit: Camille Sioco

White_Wedding dress_lookbookImage Credit: Luli Lee



Bridal Hair Accessories

wedding_feather headpieceImage Credit: Etsy

This is such a stunning photo and it shows how a simple hair accessory can make a huge difference in your wedding photos. It adds personality and style to your look.

Trends are changing and so are traditional veils. Many brides prefer a hair accessory instead of a veil or decide to go for both. These days you can find the perfect hair accessory to suit your personality and wedding.

If you prefer the more unique look and something a little more modern I suggest you have a look at Etsy. They have many hand made unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Many Etsy stores only make one of a kind so your piece will be truly unique. Make sure if you are buying online that the product has a photo of a model wearing one. Often things look pretty on the rack but don’t quiet fit the same when they are in your hair.

wedding_feather headpieceImage Credit: Etsy

wedding headpiece floralImage Credit: Etsy

Bridal_hairpieceImage Credit: Etsy

vintage-wedding-hair-pieceImage Credit: Amanda May

wedding_hair_accessory_flowerImage Credit: Etsy

bridal-updo-classic-floral-wedding-headbandImage Credit: Etsy

wedding-headbandImage Credit: wedding-hairstyles

I really like this look. The white against the dark brown hair really creates a great contrast.

Vintage-Wedding-Hair-AccessoryBridal-Hair-AccessoriesImage Credit: Arpie and maral

vintage-inspired-bridal-headbandImage Credit: Johanna Johnson

wedding_hair_accessory_goldImage Credit: Ruche

This is a great way to add a pop of colour to your look.

wedding_hair_bow_ribbonImage Credit: Shop bando

If you are not afraid of making a bold statement then these two pieces are a good choice. They still look modern and stylish without being silly and over the top.



Straw Delight

Grey straws_flag_weddingImage credit: Polka Dot Bride

Some of my favourite stationery items are straw labels and flags. They are so simple but have a huge effect at your wedding or party. They also add that fun touch to your event. Everything depends on the design so make sure you choose something that fits in with your theme.

Pink drink strawsImage credit: Bug and boo designs

Add a little bling by adding some rhinestones.

Party straw flags_2_blue_orangeImage credit: Amy’s Party Ideas

Straw flags work well with cans, glass and paper cups. Anything goes really!

Party straw flags_1_blue_orangeImage credit: Amy’s Party Ideas

Moustache_strawsImage credit: Pinterest

Fun straw idea, you can buy plastic moustaches on Amazon. See image below.

Moustache_ Straws_Amazon

Buy these fun party straws on Amazon.

grey straws with pink heartImage credit:

Clover-strawsImage credit: Martha Stewart

The Irish would be proud!

You can make a flag or label for any type of event. Be creative and have fun!